Successful organisations recognise the value and importance of securing and retaining the finest talent available. At Phillips Butterworth, we earn our reputation by connecting the best mix of skills and personality to the right role. We achieve this through effective partnering with all our clients and understanding how best to represent your business on the open market. Likewise, potential applicants are more than just a set of names and skills logged in some impersonal database; we get to know each and every one of our candidates, their individual aspirations, motivations, core strengths and personalities. This approach benefits both clients and candidates, whilst achieving our fundamental purpose of connecting talent with opportunity and underpinning our core philosophy of People, Pride, and Passion.


As your career partner, Phillips Butterworth is committed to providing you the best opportunities. Our unique approach that combines recruitment and talent management make us the ideal choice in helping you develop your full career potential.

Our specialist consultants support you through every stage of the recruitment lifecycle. This includes coaching, providing constructive feedback in a timely manner, and negotiating the most attractive offers on your behalf.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent role, our specialist consultants can match you with a diverse and exciting range of career opportunities. Contact us today to unlock your future career.


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